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Digital Design

Everybody knows that first impressions count and for many potential customers your website is that first impression, its important to make a great impression to your clients with a unique modern design. The cost of designing and developing a website is minimal compared to the sales it can generate after. Our modern websites are created & tailored not only for your business, but for your customers, search engines and different devices. We can create your brand, your website, your social media and manage all of your digital assets at a low cost. We can deliver on your objectives, principles and ideas.


Our PPC team produces and executes profitable paid and free marketing strategies. We use data-driven insights alongside a combination of technology and creativity to drive high performance campaigns that make a tangible difference to your bottom line. SEO, or search engine optimization, is the implementation of strategies to increase website traffic and search engine rankings. Put simply, our SEO will help you to bring more visitors to your site and get your brand higher on Google. We have a range of marketing services, we can also create graphics and posts for your social media.

Business Consultancy

Making the right strategic decisions is paramount for any business. We help our clients to look at there business externally allowing our clients to think differently, and to focus on the right things to achieve growth. We understand that every business is different and we take the time to learn about your business and the aspirations of your shareholders and management team. We then work with you to develop and implement a plan to help you achieve your objectives. Our solutions are tailor made for your business and our focus is to deliver growth and maximize efficiencies.


Web Design

Site Forms

Content Management

DDoS Protection

Social Media Integration

Blog / News Management

Mobile / Tablet Responsive

Digital Flyers

Dedicated Hosting

SSL Certificates

Booking Reservations

PHP 7.1




Places Listings

Traffic Analytics

Social Media Marketing

Social Insights

Directory Listings

Affinity Marketing

Agile marketing

Email Marketing




Company Formations

Strategy Planning

Developing Programmes

Market Research

Building Vision, Mission & Values

Mentoring & Coaching

Management Consulting

Risk Audits

Second Opinion


Change Criticism


Analyze, adapt and takeover. Let us help you step things up

We can build a strategy for your business and products and help take out the competition.

How do you acquire users?

Track from the origin where your users come from

Where are your users?

Take a look at your users demographic

How long do your users stay?

Check bounce rate statistics on site interaction


What our customers have to say?

“We have been trading with Ioan for years now, and as always, impressed and satisfied with the SEO work being carried out and the results we get. Very thorough, and knowledgeable – which gives us confidence that we are getting the best care for our site. Being an online trading website, it is imperative we are in the best hands when it comes to SEO. All we can say is, we are more than happy, and fully recommend Ioan and his team.

Dale Spittle



What our customers have to say?

“I was taken with the ‘can-do’ attitude towards our entire project (it was a big one), and their willingness to meet our needs – both creative and budgetary! We had a fairly intense approval process on our end, but the Sleepless team always made working together easy; from new needs popping up, to last minute changes, the overall approach was hard-working but always positive. Even post-launch, the team has continued to be helpful and interactive, making it easy to solve any issues quickly and resolutely. ”

Amy Price

Butterfly Wales

Check out what we can do for you

Better Rankings

Climb google like jack climbed the beanstalk. We can optimize the best route to the top.

Content Marketing

Don't have the time to manage your social media?, we can create a SM schedule.

SEO Experts

We have a proven strategy for increasing rankings, paid and organic.

Brand Visibility

We have a network of businesses that are happy to explore publication partnerships.

Social Media

We create professional profiles complete with graphics and templates.

Web Design

We can build you a fresh website and host it on our own dedicated server.


Everything made easy

We provide a fully convenient experience. The majority of agencies expect the client to have knowledge of CMS and server’s to be able to manage content themselves.
This is where we’re different you don’t need any technical knowledge. We provide lightning fast support. If any technical issues should arise we aim to get them rectified within 72 hours.

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Web design and business development can be a minefield for businesses because the prices can vary so much from company to company. A customer of ours was quoted £1300 from one company and £2600 from another based on the same job description. Our prices are based on our time as designers. Our quotes are based on the level of expertise and the time required to meet your requirements. We have our own system of working things out which works for us. We like to speak to people and come to a sensible arrangement. Any unexpected issues are our responsibility to deal with.

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